Wanted to create a platform connecting food tech, nutra-tech, pharmaceutical professionals: Amit Srivastava


Amit Srivastava, Chief Catalyst, Nutrify Today  is committed to building a responsible nutrition ecosystem. He is tapping into the vastly potent nutraceutical industry and helping businesses and individuals grow in the field. NewsX recently hosted Amit for an interview for our special series, NewsX India A-List. Below are the excerpts from the interview:

We began the interview by asking Amit about his journey with Nutrify Today, to which he replied, “In the last 25 years, I have built a substantial network with nutraceutical leaders in the US, India, and key Asian countries.” He continued, “I have always been connecting nutraceutical industry stakeholders to catalyse the speed of commercialisation in responsible nutrition innovation.” Amit said that he realised the gaping need to connect the dots for companies to commercialise their innovations in the shortest span of time possible. While crediting his wife for the idea behind Nutrify Today, Mr Srivastava added that the idea was to “create a platform that connects food tech, nutratech, pharmaceutical professionals, based on their need and enable the business.” Amit told us that the Nutrify Today network now, just after a year of commencing operations, stretches across India, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the US.

 Our next question to Amit was about the role that Nutrify Today plays in the nutraceutical industry. He said, “Nutrifytoday.com enables two very important things in the nutraceutical industry- First, business networking amongst nutra, pharma, and food tech professionals by ways of connecting, chatting, blogging, attending webinars, workshops, e-learning courses. Second, connecting curated buyers and sellers in nutraceuticals.” Explaining further, Mr Srivastava said, “By curated connect, I mean that we assist buyers in designing new product development and connecting them to ingredient suppliers, contractual manufacturers, medical trial agencies, and regulatory agencies to cut down the go-to-market time by 40-50%.” He describes his business as the one-stop access to commercial, technical, and regulatory resources. Amit narrated how the Nutrify Today platform helped Nanoveda, an Ayurveda based nano-particle research enterprise, gain a global presence by helping them connect with an international buyer based out of Switzerland.

Giving us more insight into the working of Nutrify Today, Amit revealed how the entity is involved in aiding the Indian government in policymaking, he said, “Since Nutrify Today brings stakeholders together, it has also become a very influential platform engaging with the government in evolving policies for the nutraceutical industry.” He further stated, “Nutrify Today enabled recent meetings with top officials from the government with the proposal for India to achieve $100Bn in revenue by 2030, in the field of nutraceuticals.” He lauded the government’s willingness to act on the proposal and firmly believes that the Indian nutraceutical market will be worth $40Bn by 2025, up from the current annual worth of $8Bn.

We expressed our curiosity to hear about the success stories of Nutrify Today’s clientele. Amit was glad to inform us that the platform has positively impacted more than 500 businesses, and helped commercialise various Indian startups. Amit also claimed that his platform has helped hundreds of professionals in their job hunt in the industry worldwide.