Voting begins for Madhya Pradesh assembly polls


Today at 7:00 in the morning, voting for all 230 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh began. With a few booths in the Mandla and Dindori districts, as well as the Baihar, Lanji, and Parswara assembly seats of the Balaghat district, voting will continue until 3 p.m.

The Congress is eager to topple the Shivraj Singh Chouhan administration, while the BJP is hoping to hold onto power in the state where it has ruled for nearly 18 of the previous 20 years. Approximately 42,000 polling places have the webcasting feature available. For security purposes, over two lakh state police officers and nearly 700 companies of the federal armed forces have been mobilized.

For more than 2,500 candidates, the election will determine their fate in office.
It is possible for approximately 5.59 crore voters to cast ballots. 2.71 crore women and 2.87 crore men vote in this election.

183 polling places are staffed by people with disabilities, and over 5,000 booths are managed by women, according to press reports. Both the BJP and the Congress value the polls highly for a variety of reasons, even though they are scheduled almost six months before the Lok Sabha elections.

Although the Congress has Kamal Nath as its obvious choice for the position, the BJP appears to have chosen “collective leadership” and has not made Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan its top choice.

This “fatigue factor” with the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government is one of the reasons the BJP is relying on collective leadership. There have been reports of a desire for change among certain segments of the populace, even though Shivraj Singh Chouhan may not be directly experiencing anti-incumbency sentiment.