Vivo TWS Neo brings comfort and good looks to wireless earphones


In recent times, we have seen a real blast of wireless earphones. There was a time when only specific brands would make earphones and then, when the time came for wireless, we saw big smartphone companies make their way in — especially with Apple and Samsung which entered the market first — and now it seems like no one else is left behind. Just like smartphones, we now have an abundance of wireless earphones. The newest in the lot is the Vivo TWS Neo.

 Like many others, the design cue has been taken from Apple’s AirPods. The case is white and glossy. It is compact, easy to hold and can be carried in your pocket. It comes with Type-C charging at the bottom. The pairing indicator is on the front with the Vivo logo. 

The earphones are noticeably light and make for a comfortable pair for your ears. The earphones are also IP54-rated for dust and water resistance, making them suitable for basic outdoor and fitness uses. The TWS Neo also has a distinct touch sensor. The controls involve swiping up and down on either side to adjust the volume, a double-tap on the left to play and pause music and a double-tap on the right to skip to the next track. There are also sensors at the top of both earpieces, which are used for wearing detection. These are default settings which can be customised using the Vivo Earphones app.

The Vivo TWS Neo has 14.2mm dynamic drivers, with stable Bluetooth 5.2 and multi-point connectivity for up to two devices. There is also environmental noise cancellation to enhance sound for voice calls. The earpieces weigh 4.7g each. There is also a dynamic low-latency mode, which promises to reduce latency to 88ms. A great specification of the Vivo TWS Neo is its support for the aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec.

The most important part of wireless earphones is the sound. In that department, if you are looking for a mid-range wireless earphone, the TWS Neo might leave you a little disappointed. The aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec does improve some of your experience. But all in all, if you are someone who likes to listen to heavy bass music and metal, you would be left wanting for more. Lighter genres of music are still pleasing to the ear. The aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec is not yet available on all devices, so in that case, the earphones will leave you wishing for better. Otherwise, the earphones fare well while taking calls.

The battery life of the earphones is decent, depending on usage. If you are someone like me who always has their earphones on, then they will last a maximum of 4 hours. Although, the pod helps you charge them quickly and reuse.


With the number of options available, the TWS Neo has a lot to watch out for. The pair is comfortable and looks appealing and light. But music lovers would find the sound quality a bit heartbreaking. They might have to choose another pair for better audio options. Priced at Rs 5,990, the TWS Neo could be a pick for someone who values it for the look and comfort factors.