[Viral Video] Tom Cruise Surprises Fans At Mission Impossible 7 Screenings


Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise was seen visiting a few theatres in the US and Canada to surprise his fans and followers watching the premiere show of Mission Impossible 7. He made his way to Toronto, Washington DC and Atlanta to greet fans watching M17 in theatres. Tom was joined by MI7 director Christopher McQuarrie.

Tom and Christopher were welcomed with appaluse and hoots. Fans were heard telling the actor that they love him and he reciprocated it by saying ‘I love you too’. The actor also spoke to fans and said, “We love movies, and we love you all, and thank you very much, we’re grateful. Have a great summer!”

Check out the viral video below

The actor was seen posing with a theatre full of fans in Atlanta and was seen talking to fans.


Earlier, Tom told Entertainment Tonight about filming the stunt at the very start of production. “Let us know day one what is going to happen: Do we all continue or is it a major rewrite?”

“I was training and I was ready,” Cruise added. “You have to be razor sharp when you’re doing something like that. It was very important as we were prepping the film that it was actually the first thing. I don’t want to drop that and go shoot other things and have my mind somewhere else. Everyone was prepped. Let’s just get it done.”