Villas at The Black Buck Lodge are a celebration of elegance, wilderness

Each of the 14 villas of lodge has an en suite room with a patio, sitting area, bedroom, indoor and outdoor bathrooms, and a deck looking out to the exquisite beauty of the bush.

Nestled along the Velavadar National Park, The Black Buck Lodge is set in several acres of plains owned by Mickey Desai who hail from a village in Gujarat’s Kathiawad Peninsula just about an hour from Velavadar. Each of the 14 villas of The Black buck Lodge are an en suite room with a patio, sitting area, bedroom, indoor and outdoor bathrooms, and a deck looking out to the exquisite beauty of the bush.

The interiors are the right combination of the rustic and contemporary elegance – the bedrooms have polished wooden furniture and granite floors, rough-hewn stone walls, wooden logs carrying bedside lamps and an alcove along the window with mattresses and bolsters that can double as a sitting area with a view or a bed to sleep. The best time to visit the destination is from mid October to March. During this time, the weather is cool and chance of sighting of migratory birds are greater. We consider it as the peak time.

The lodge is open throughout the year though the park is closed from mid June to mid October but this is a beautiful time to enjoy the monsoon greenery around the lodge. One can encounter the endangered Lesser Florican and Saras Crane in this region during the monsoon period. When its come to food we have different kind of food variety such as veg, non veg, sea food, Gujarati food, Kathyavadi food, continental food etc.

“Our prime concern when we were planning and executing the construction and layout of the lodge, was that our resort should not interfere with the environment. In fact we went the extra mile to seamlessly blend it into the vistas of the neighbouring National Park. Even the lighting in the pathways and cottages has been kept muted so that our guests can experience this Indian savannah. We have taken various measures to maintain tranquility in our surroundings. Loud music and honking is not permitted. The use of plastic in any form including bottles and wrapping is strictly avoided,” Shares Mickey.

Villas at The Black buck Lodge are a celebration of elegance, wilderness and blackbucks in a remarkable river setting offering an extraordinary experience. The Villa blends the boundaries between inside and outside, creating a seamless integration with nature with rustic doors and windows. Each villa has a luxurious outdoor private shower along with an indoor bath. It offers all modern facilities to offer a rather comfortable stay. Our guests can stay at the villa and come closer to the goodness of nature.

Velavadar Black Buck National Park is a unique grassland park which is compact being spread out in an area of 35 square kms and the only grassland eco system in this part of the continent. While myriad species of birds call this region home, it is the black bucks that reigns supreme here. Indian wolf and striped hyena also roam these plains freely.

The Bush dinner is a must experience if you are staying at the lodge. It’s the best place to unwind yourself enjoying barbecued snacks followed by authentic local Kathiawadi food under star lit sky and around bonfire.

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