Vigyan Yoga launches ‘Decoding the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’


Co-authored by Acharya Kaushal Kumar, a globally acclaimed voice on yoga, and industrialist Jai Singhania, the book, written in a free-flowing style, is an easy read interpretation of the Yoga Sutras.

Kaushal KumarJai Singhania

A beginner’s guide to the ultimate truth of Yoga Sutra, ‘Decoding the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’, was unveiled today at a well-attended launch ceremony held at Teen Murti Bhavan, New Delhi. A book that connects the ancient science of yoga to the idea of the ephemeral, modern times, it was unveiled by the Chief Guest, Dr Karan Singh and Guest of honor, Dr Naresh Trehan.  The book is the first in a series of self-help books by Vigyan Yoga, a platform that focuses on science, logic and the ultimate truth. The launch also saw stalwarts like C.K. Birla, Padmaja Ruparel, Arvind Singhania, and Y.K. Modi in attendance amongst other leading luminaries. Also, William Bissell, MD and chairman of Fab India spoke on the occasion.

Co-authored by Acharya Kaushal Kumar, a globally acclaimed voice on yoga and thought leader and industrialist, Jai Singhania, the book written in a free-flowing style is an easy read interpretation of the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. Compiled in the early century by Sage Patanjali, Yoga Sutra was the most translated scripture in the medieval era. At its core it is a collection of Sanskrit sutras, based on the theory and practice of yoga, but in essence its well explained sutras capture both the fate of the body and the mind. The latter being the ultimate benefactor from its practice.

“The main intent of the Yoga Sutras is to control and regulate our mind. Our consciousness, also known as the soul, is different from our mind. But, we think that they are the same due to ignorance. The book decodes this myth,” said Acharya Kaushal Kumar, speaking at the launch. Jai Singhania explained further, “The book offers solutions to eliminate ignorance. It shares the deep secrets about the mind as well as methods to eliminate miseries stored in them. Mastering the mind, as we know, results in a more efficient and centered human being.”

 Penned beautifully, the book invites you to learn how to stop the many thoughts that rush through your mind. It explains that there are two stages of enlightenment. First is when we stop the hyperactive and idle thoughts and only the righteous thoughts remain. This is the state of wisdom that leads us to the highest state of enlightenment. The final stage is when even the righteous thoughts are stopped. This is when we go beyond wisdom and, through yoga, actually master the art of going inwards to find the soul.

Yoga Sutra believes that our thoughts are the reason that we are entangled with the material world which we believe is our only source of happiness. But, when we stop our thoughts with practice, then that connection with the material world is broken and we get established in our own self. Through a series of well-written chapters, the book elucidates upon the world’s miseries and the way to elevate you from it with the help of Yoga Sutra. Explained in a simple parlance are the eight limbs of Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga. This describes one’s conduct, discipline, meditation postures, breathing techniques and withdrawal of the senses.

The authors also explain the way to elevate your mind from focus and concentration to meditation. Concentration, meditation and samadhi, together are called sanyama. The book discusses many superpowers achieved with the practice of Sanyama. “In our interpretation of the book, we have called out the unrealistic nature of these superpowers, which many books have established as fact. We discuss every claim with logic and science,” concludes Jai, the seeker of inner silence.

Priced at Rs 399, the book will be available for purchase in leading book stores including Om Books, Oxford Bookstore and Bahri Books. It is also available at