US discovers six more Chinese ‘police stations’


US discovered six more Chinese spy bases after the FBI busted Chinese ‘police station’ in New York City, reported New York Post (NYP).
The FBI helped shut down a clandestine Chinese “police station” in Manhattan after the arrest of two alleged operatives earlier this week. Lu Jianwang, 61, and Chen Jinping, 59, both New York residents, are facing charges of conspiracy to act as China’s agents and obstruction of justice.Meanwhile, NYP informed that there are several more of these illegal organizations scattered across the US.
“We found at least four listed in the US by PRC (People’s Republic of China) public security authorities, plus flagged an additional four overseas Chinese service centers in the US set up by the UFWD networks responsible for manning the stations,” a spokeswoman for Safeguard Defenders told NYP.
In addition to the Chinese police station above a noodle restaurant in Manhattan’s Chinatown, there is another station at an undisclosed address in New York City, as well as an outpost in Los Angeles, according to a new report by Safeguard Defenders.
In addition to Los Angeles and New York, the nonprofit has found so-called “overseas service stations” in San Francisco and Houston as well as in cities in Nebraska and Minnesota.
As a result, Chinese security agencies have been actively intimidating dissidents abroad to avoid international embarrassment on human rights issues and quash any signs of rebellion.