Upping its ante, India to construct 73 roads near LAC


The Government of India is now working expeditiously to facilitate the access of Indian troops to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. The government has made a detailed plan to complete 32 roads as soon as possible after Chinese betrayal in the Galwan Valley. A big meeting on IndiaChina border management was held at the Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday. The meeting was attended by officials from BRO, Indo-Tibetan Border Police, CPWD and Home Ministry. This was the second meeting within a week in the Home Ministry on this issue.

The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) is constructing three major roads in the Ladakh region. According to the report, 32 roads are to be constructed in the second phase on Indo-China Border Road (ICBR). According to Home Ministry sources, the construction work of these roads will be expedited with the cooperation of all agencies. Also, a total of 73 roads are to be constructed on the Indo-China Border Road. While the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) is working on 12 roads, Border Roads Organization is working on the rest 61 roads.

India is now stepping up its activities in areas adjacent to China. Apart from roads, priority will be given to increase electricity, means of employment, education and health facilities in the border villages as much as possible.

Chinese helicopters were seen flying several times in the area where India is constructing the road near LAC. China has been sending helicopters in the border area to create controversy over India’s road construction. However, India has also registered a strong objection to this action of China. Due to the Corona crisis, this road construction in Ladakh was stopped since winter but now it has been decided to resume work rapidly.