UK: Indian diaspora voices for repatriation of Baby Ariha Shah to India

UK: Indian diaspora calls for Ariha Shah's return to India


The Indian diaspora, including young children in the UK, spoke out in favor of Ariha Shah’s return to India from foster care in Germany. They urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to get involved in the situation. The Indian diaspora in the UK banded together and spoke out on behalf of the infant Ariha.

The diaspora chanted slogans like, “Modiji ask Germany to send Ariha back home to India,” and “Germany send Ariha home.”
The kids were seen carrying posters with PM Modi’s face and baby Ariha Shah.
The child, Ariha Shah, was accidentally hurt by her grandmother in September 2021 following which the German authorities took the baby away. She is currently under German foster care. Since Baby Ariha’s family urged the authorities to look into their matter, the Indian Government has consistently raised the issue with the German authorities.

The Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian Embassy in Berlin have steadfastly pushed for Ariha Shah’s return to India ever since the infant was placed in foster care. Before Independence Day, Dhara Shah, the mother of Ariha Shah, protested at Jantar Mantar, pleading with German authorities to respect Ariha’s cultural rights by allowing her to celebrate Independence Day with the Indian community there. In August, Samajwadi Party MP and Rajya Sabha member Jaya Bachchan urged the Centre to repatriate Ariha Shah, an Indian infant.