TVN announced new k-drama My Lovely Liar, Know cast, plot

On 24 May, the streaming platform tvN announced new K-drama titled “My Lovely Liar.” The upcoming series is a blend of romance and mystery that emerge over a reality-based fantasy and boosts the expectations for a distinct romantic comedy.

For those unversed, the series will be directed by popular director Nam Seong Woo, who came in lime-light after his work in various Korean series likes ‘Liver Living Together,’ ‘Love in Contract,’ and ‘Kkondae Intern.’

The story of the drama series is written by Seo Jeong Eun. The cast of the Korean series includes Kim So Hyun, Hwang Minhyun, Yoon Ji On, Seo Ji Hoon, Lee Si Woo, Ha Jong Woo, Park Kyung Hye, Song Jin Woo, Jo Jin Se among many more.

Recently, the cast, writers and director of the series had a script reading. The streaming platform tvN dropped a short video showcasing the glimpses of celebs reading scripts.

First, Kim So Hyun drew notice with her flawlessly blended look as ‘Mok Sol Hee,’ a liar hunter with the ability to hear falsehoods. Kim So Hyun, who is critical in everything and ends up in diverse circumstances that are difficult to accept in any event, oddly unwinds the unique story of Mok Sol Hee when she sees them, because she grew up paying attention to a wide variety of lies on the planet.

Kim So Hyun was perplexed by Mok Sol Hee’s ‘capacity to listen to her lies’ and her inability to trust anyone. That is what she believed if she portrayed the person alluringly, she would have the opportunity to exhibit another part of herself, enhancing her expectations for her.

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