Trump’s campaign raises USD 7.1 million since his Atlanta mugshot


The Trump 2024 presidential campaign has raised USD 7.1 million since former President Donald Trump’s mugshot was taken at the Fulton County jail in Georgia after surrendering himself in the Georgia election subversion case, CNN reported.
Over the last three weeks, Trump’s campaign raised around USD 20 million, following his indictment and arraignment in Washington related to the federal January 6 case and then his surrender and processing at the Fulton County jail in Georgia.
The source further revealed that the campaign had raised USD 4.18 million after his arrest in Georgia. It is the highest-grossing day of the entire campaign, as per CNN. The fundraising figures were first reported by Politico.
Following Trump’s arrest, his 2024 presidential campaign started selling merchandise featuring the first mug shot of a former US president, The Washington Post reported. In the mug shot, Trump has throughout tried his best to appear “unfazed and unbowed” by having been indicted four times since March, as per the New York Times.
“It is not a comfortable feeling — especially when you have done nothing wrong,” he told Fox News’s website in an interview.
However, Trump has been able to make the most of his mug shot, according to The Washington Post.