Trending Koffee With Karan S8: Sunny Deol reveals what he doesn’t like about SRK


On November 2, King Khan celebrated his 58th birthday and that was also the day that the Sunny Deol-Bobby Deol episode of KWK dropped on Disney+Hotstar. The episode saw Sunny and Bobby’s kids open up about their dads and speak about how loving and generous they were. This was a little touching but there was not much else to really spice up the second episode of Koffee With Karan (KWK) Season 8.

The only interesting bit was about the Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan rivalry that had existed for a while which is apparently resolved now. When Sunny was asked about one thing he didn’t like about Shah Rukh Khan, pat came the reply that he didn’t like how SRK had made ‘actors a commodity’. Karan quickly reacted to Sunny’s reply with an ‘Oh God’.

K Jo also quizzed him about Akshay Kumar and Sunny said he didn’t like how he was doing too many movies. And as for Salman Khan, the only thing Sunny didn’t like was how Bhai was trying to turn everyone into a bodybuilder.

Learning that Sunny Deol had a teddy bear fetish was cute and his talk of Dadar 2’s success after two decades of the first Gadar, showed how much he had possibly craved for such success once again. Sunny had often spoken about how the box office numbers of Gadar 2 had been due to organic growth and K Jo asked him about this.

Karan asked, “What does that really mean? Are we inflating box office numbers?” Sunny replied that it had become a trend to inflate box office collections today. Then Karan asked him, “Is that why the tagline on Gadar 2 was ‘Hindustan ka asli blockbuster’?”

But one was left wondering why the KWK team didn’t do much to rev up this dull episode with the Deol brothers. Perhaps, all that trolling on Karan Johan over the last few years had made him a dull boy? Here’s hoping Episode 3 of KWK S8 is a banger.