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Unsung Heroes

annat Tariq
Place: Kashmir
Cleaning Dal Lake
In the 79th episode of “Mann Ki Baat” in March 2021, Prime Minister Modi had applauded Jannat Tariq’s initiative to clean up Dal Lake. “Jannat is an inspiration for all,” said PM. “Her achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of young students in India, and her success has inspired many others to strive for excellence.”

Shobha Kumari
Place- Bihar
Heritage handicraft promotion
In the 64th episode of “Mann Ki Baat” in December 2018, the PM had acknowledged and praised the efforts of “Srijan Handicraft” and its artisans for the promotion of traditional handicrafts and handloom products. Shobha Kumari and other artisans associated with the organization have been instrumental in keeping the art of Madhubani painting alive and flourishing.

Chandrakishore Patil
Place: Nashik, Maharashtra
Garbage free Godavari River
Chandrakishore Patil was featured in the 87th episode of Mann Ki Baat. PM spoke about Patil’s efforts for the rejuvenation of the Godavari River saying that his work was not just limited to the conservation of the river, but also towards the development of the region as a whole.

Javed Ahmed
Place: South Kashmir, J&K
Child education
Javed Ahmed was mentioned in the November 2015 episode of Mann Ki Baat, where the PM Modi spoke about his work as the Commissioner of Police in Bengaluru and his efforts towards transforming the city’s traffic system. “Javed worked hard to bring about significant changes in the traffic system, despite facing several challenges.”

Kame Gowda
Place: Mandya, Karnataka,
Digging Ponds
A shepherd from Karnataka who had built over 14 ponds using his own resources and hard work. PM Modi praised Kame Gowda’s efforts for water conservation and highlighted how his work had transformed the region, which was once a drought-prone area, into a more fertile and prosperous one.

Dileep Singh Malviya
Place: Sehore, Madhya Pradesh
Building toilets
The PM spoke about Dileep Singh Malviya, a farmer from Madhya Pradesh who developed a cost-effective and eco-friendly way of farming using natural resources. Malviya was praised for his innovative techniques for farming. In the December 27, 2015 episode of Mann Ki Baat,

Saayee Praneeth
Place: Andhra Paradesh
Weather forecasts
In the July 2021 episode of Mann Ki Baat, the PM spoke about Saayee Praneeth, an Indian badminton player who won a bronze medal at the BWF World Championships in Switzerland in 2019. The Prime Minister praised Praneeth for his hard work and dedication towards the sport, and encouraged the youth of the country to take up sports as well. The episode was the 78th edition of the program and was aired on July 25, 2021.