TopYa! spearheading its social impact project NacFun

New Delhi [India], March 8 (ANI): TopYa! India Pvt Ltd (TIPL), which is an Indian Ed-Tech start-up, is now spearheading a social impact project, NacFun, a free e-Learning Program of National Active Championship, in order to build digital components of Co-scholastic, sports, and fitness activities.
NacFun, when appropriately integrated with Scholastic programmes, will lead to a holistic education eco-system for children that will also help them in reducing screen time.
With the spread of COVID-19, the Ed-Tech space is overwhelmed with established and upcoming new businesses offering scholastic programmes online for school and college education, entrance examinations for professional courses, competitive exam preparations for jobs in banks, State and National civil Services among others.
Unfortunately, Co-scholastic activities, such as sports are largely neglected by these new businesses. Due to this, NacFun decided to fill the void to help in building an education ecosystem that will lead to a holistic (academic focus, physical fitness, and emotional balance) development of children.
TIPL – NacFun Chairman, Ambassador A.R. Ghanashyam, said, “NacFun integrates the Co-Scholastic and Sports components with the Scholastic programme of schools making the education ecosystem holistic”.
He further added that they are extremely happy that India’s New Education Policy is in sync with NacFun’s vision of integrating Co-scholastic activities and sports as integral components of the education eco-system.
NacFun program provides over 150,000 Fun n’ Learn activities for students ranging from Nursery to College. Students can even self-learn the activities at their own pace and they can create their own activities too, to share them with their peers.
The NacFun curriculum can be integrated into schools, as a part of their program to digitally assign homework for co-curricular, sports, and other fun physical activities to their students. The students can submit their completed assignments digitally over the NacFun platform for assessment and further guidance.
The platform also provides an opportunity for parents to home-school their children. With the ease of a few clicks, parents can create a daily learning plan for their children, assign it to the child’s account to perform.
NacFun’s program motivates children and youth towards co-curricular and Fun Sports that entice them to take up enjoyable activities away from the screen resulting in reduced screen time and in turn creating a happy and healthy future youth that is physically active, academically focused, and emotionally balanced.
To make learning fun, NacFun has integrated gamification and launched the National Active Championship that since 2018-2019 conducted 1500+ school workshops nationwide benefitting over 2 million children.
Activities performed by the children digitally or in school, allow children to earn points, climb the leaderboard and win certificates, prizes, and scholarships supported by corporations from their branding, marketing, and CSR budgets.
NacFun has caught the fancy of parents, schools, teachers, and children. With participation from 10,000+ Indian schools, spontaneous testimonials have poured in.
Manisha Johri, Educationist and Principal of Asnani School Bhopal, and former principal at Delhi Public World School and Chrysalis High School in Bangalore said, “TopYa’s NacFun vision to provide Co-scholastic, Sports and Fitness programs digitally as part of comprehensive education is revolutionary and helped her design programs digitally during Covid to benefit her students.”
Minakshi, a faculty member from Lotus Valley International School, Noida, said that this endeavour will help students inculcate a healthy lifestyle and become more active.
Kanishtha Goel, who is a 7-year-old child from Shimla, thanked Nacfun for helping children express their talents through various co-curricular activities.
NacFun online traffic continues to grow rapidly and has attained an Alexa Certified Rank of 60K globally and 5K in India. (ANI)

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