Maoist leader Prashant Basu alias Kisanda and his wife Shila Marandi were arrested by police in Jharkhand. Kisanda was the recent leader of the Eastern Regional Bureau, which played a major role in the Lalgarh movement.

Many state police have been searching for Prashant for a long time. Jharkhand police arrested his wife on Thursday. For some time, awards were announced in several states, including Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

A reward of Rs 50 lakh was announced against him in Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. Jharkhand police announced a reward of Rs 1 crore for his head. He was arrested on Friday while in hiding. He also played an important role in the Lalgarh movement. He was taken to Jharkhand police headquarters after his arrest. Kisandar’s wife Shila Marandio has also been arrested.

Kisanda was a member of the Politburo and was originally the central leader. He did not live in a specific place. He was arrested by the Special Operations Team of Jharkhand Police. Prashant Basu has long been associated with the Naxal movement.

At one time he was the All-India Secretary of MCC. When the CPI (Maoist) was formed across the PWG and MCC in September 2004, Kisananda played a major role in the formation of the new party.

Although Ganapati was made the all-India leader, Kisanda was the second-in-command of that party. He was later assigned to the Eastern Zone. Prior to his arrest, he was in charge of the Eastern Regional Bureau of the Maoists.

His wife Shila Marandi herself is the leader of the Central Committee. Shila was also arrested 15 years ago. He was in prison for six years at the time. Sheila Marandi is the only female leader at the moment after the death of another leader Anuradha.

The arrest of 65-year-old Kisandar is considered to be an important event in suppressing the Maoist movement at the moment. Following the recent change in leadership of the Maoists, their work in the Jharkhand region has reportedly increased.

After the arrest of Kisandar, the police think that they will get special information about the current condition of the Maoists, who is working on the word and what are their plans for on Saturday.