Tokayev set to win election in Kazakhstan


Incumbent Kazakh leader Kassym-Jomart Tokayev is set to win the snap presidential election in the country, according to preliminary results emerging on Monday.
Tokayev will win the presidential election after receiving the support of 82.45 percent of the voters, Astana Times reported, citing the Open Society International Institute for Regional Studies. Snap presidential elections were held in Kazakhstan on 20th November to elect the President of Kazakhstan.
The presidential polls come against a series of fundamental and comprehensive political reforms, in continuing the process of decentralising political power in the central Asian country. These measures included the recommendation for seven years limit to the Presidential term and the announcement of snap presidential elections this autumn.
According to the exit poll, there was a 68 percent voter turnout. Over 1,600 interviewers surveyed more than 3,500 citizens outside the premises of polling stations, Astana Times reported.
The preliminary official results are expected to be announced by 22nd November, at a time to be determined by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC).