TN Govt: Tamizhagham Will Be More Appropriate Than Tamil Nadu


Governor RN Ravi sparked a new controversy by saying the state’s name should be Tamizgham instead of Tamil Nadu. During an interaction with participants of the Kashi Tamil Sangamam, tried to imply that the name Tamil creates an impression that they are unique from India in people’s minds. They call themselves Dravidians and are not “part of Bharat.”

However, this is the first time that a governor has said something like this. Whereas in the past, Bjp did try to argue that Tamil Nadu is creating a wrong impression of a country within a country and that it should be renamed as Tamizgham.

The DMK MP TR Baalu has also reacted to the statement given by the governor saying that the government should stop acting as the second president of BJP, the governor is trying to create confusion in the state.

“The name Tamil Nadu is the identity of our language, culture, politics, and life. That is why the DMK government led by CN Annadurai drafted a resolution renaming Tamil Nadu. It will always be Tamil Nadu,” Kanimozhi said.