Tiwari: People trust Cong, BJP resorts to falsehoods


Rajya Sabha MP and Deputy Leader Pramod Tiwari attacked the opposition saying, “Congress is working to enhance the prestige and honour of the state in Rajasthan. On the other hand, the BJP is working to spread hatred. Congress is contesting the elections based on the work done in the last five years, while the BJP has descended to negative campaigning and personal attacks.”
He also slammed the Prime Minister and said, “Along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, senior leaders of the BJP are not talking about the rising inflation, unemployment, corruption, and non-delivery of promises in the country. Instead, these leaders are spreading lies against the Congress.”
Referring to education in his statement, Tiwari said, “The Rajasthan government has established 3600 English-medium schools. This is providing English education to poor and rural children. On the other hand, the previous BJP government in Rajasthan had worked to close 10 thousand schools.” He said that the people of the state trust the Congress, and in the upcoming assembly elections, Congress will form the government with a significant majority.