They were always running after Ankita: Eyewitness

Ankita Bhandari

The Daily Guardian reporter Mahima Kataria spoke to an eyewitness on camera who gave a blow by blow account that led to the unfortunate incident of Anikta’s murder. Excerpts:
Mahima (TDG reporter): What did you see as to what was happening with Ankita, what all can you tell?
Eyewitness: I used to repair the lights and all, I was in charge of the maintenance of the resort and the factory. Ankita’s room was near to the reception area inside the resort. Since I suffered a seizure attack, I was there in my room, but when I felt a little better, then I went outsideothe factory. me and the manager of the factory Manveer went outside.
TDG reporter: Around what time this all happened?
Eyewitness: 6-6:30
TDG reporter: Then what happened?
Eyewitness: Then my fellow colleague Karan helped me, and Saurabh was accompanying him, both of them were also outside the resort they called me immediately, Karan said that madam (Ankita) is crying. I said I will go and see, and I went there. I ran up to her and opened the door, then Ankit stopped me.
TDG reporter: Who’s this Ankit?
Eyewitness: He is known to everyone in the resort, otherwise he is known to Pulkit. 
TDG reporter: What did he do in the resort?
Eyewitness: I did not see him doing anything ever.
TDG reporter: Did he come there just like that?
Eyewitness: He is Pulkit’s personal assistant
TDG reporter: Okay, then what happened when you reached there?
Eyewitness: When I opened the door, then Ankit was coming out of Ankita’s room. He stopped me. He said you cannot go ahead. We both argued a bit. Meanwhile, Saurabh called me
TDG reporter: Where was Saurabh then?
Eyewitness: Saurabh was smoking, he called me there. I said okay. We did not expect they could do anything like this
TDG reporter: What did you see then?
Eyewitness: Ankita was standing at the door
TDG reporter: And where was Pulkit?
Eyewitness: Pulkit was inside.
TDG reporter: Did Ankita signal anything to you?
Eyewitness: She was a bit scared.
TDG reporter: Did you see anything untoward happening?
Eyewitness: I joined ten days back and did not see any prostitution kind of thing, but could see that they were always running after Ankita.
TDG reporter: do you think all this was pre-planned?
Eyewitness: yes i think this all was pre-planned.
TDG reporter: do you think they were forcing her?
Eyewitness: yes, I know that customers that day were demanding extra service
TDG reporter: who are these customers?
Eyewitness: pulkit manages these extra services for customers.‘saurabh sir just took out his bike, i don’t know much, we tried contacting him, everyone was afraid‘we were awake the whole night, when saurabh sir went to ankit, ankit sir said place my dinner, the plate and the food was left untouched, maam did not touch the food, ankit sir went into the room and the rest I don’t know.