‘The world is adopting what India is making’, says Jitin Bhatia, entrepreneur and founder of ‘Explurger’


Jitin Bhatia, a tech lover and entrepreneur recently joined NewsX for an exclusive interview segment. He started off by talking about his social media application called Explurger, which is conceived, designed and even developed in India.It is ‘Made in India’ for the world. Explurger is an gift from me and my team to the country, he added.

The techie claims that his app offers a kind of experience which no other app has ever offered in the world. His application goes beyond just sharing pictures, videos and check-ins. Explurger is said to be backed by Artificial intelligence that not only keeps track of the number of miles we have travelled, but also automatically creates a travel log for its users. It even keeps tracks of continent, cities and places you’ve visited whenever you share a post.

The app contains a special feature called the’ bucket list’ that enables users to mark places around the world and the system notifies us to visit the place whenever we are around. It also introduces us with the concept of gamification. The level of Explurger goes up as our kudos, likes, and engagement increases. We can also share and plan our future travels with this unique app.

Jatin even shared his journey of developing the app. He said that designing of famous apps are mostly done by Indian technocrats and still never called an Indian App. The idea of creating Explurger popped in when he came back from his 32nd trip and realised that even after sharing so much information on social media, it doesn’t really create anything useful for us. It took him and his team almost two and a half years to design and successfully develop the application. His motivational factor has always been to do something for the country. When asked about the response on the app, Jatin said that he is totally touched by the reaction of the people.T he app managed to get over 19,000 downloads on the launch day itself. The app has users across 26 countries now.

The entrepreneur believes that the world is adopting what India is creating. With the ban of Chinese apps, a sentiment has been created in the local population to try local products and India has a lot of potential, he says. He then talked about a recent addition of a feature into this app. He has created a section where users can get their accounts verified to avoid impersonation. Lastly, he feels that Explurger will gain real success when eminent personalities like PM Modi and Donald Trump will join the app and address their nations via Explurger.