The way to bring abundance into your life


A lot of people commonly complain of lacking enough time, money, or space. The habit of grumbling about the perceived shortage of things creates an atmosphere of lack in our homes, and locks our mind into a state characterised by dissatisfaction, anxiety, and irritation. Once we are in that state of mind, we tend to feel that we need something more; this fuels our discontentment.

Our thoughts determine the state of our mind. If we consciously think that we have adequate time, money, and space in our home, how do we feel then? We are relaxed, happy and content.

Earlier, people lived in small houses, but because they were large-hearted, they felt they had space to accommodate guests. Now, even those who live in spacious homes bemoan their dearth of space. Why? Because even though the physical spaces have increased over the years, the quality of our thoughts has shrunk.

Scarcity and abundance are created by the kind of thoughts and language we use. These generate vibrations and energy according to their quality. Thoughts of contentment and plenitude attract the same into our life.

Instead of complaining, if we express gratitude for what we have, our life will become fulfilling. Gratitude helps us appreciate the value of what we have. Our possessions may be the same as before, but when the quality of our thoughts is elevated, our state of mind improves, and that brings peace and contentment. We can be grateful even for the difficult people in our life, as they make us realise our shortcomings and become stronger.

When our consciousness is at a high level, the challenges presented by life do not bring us down as before. On the other hand, if we go through our day lamenting that things are not the way they should be, what will be our energy level? Then, it takes just a minor issue to leave us feeling low.

We can start our day with positive thoughts that raise our energy level. Then we will easily be able to go through various situations during the rest of the day. Not only that, we will also be able to uplift those around us who are feeling a bit low.

When our thoughts and words are of the highest quality, so is our state of mind and our life. Whatever the challenges we face, the decisive factor is our perspective. If our state of mind is elevated, problems appear small and do not affect us much. But if our thoughts keep fluctuating with the circumstances, we will be little better than puppets in the hands of fate.

It helps to remember that there is a reason behind everything that happens to us, and it will bring some benefit, either immediately or in the future. The biggest obstacle in my life can turn into a blessing if I remain positive and learn from it.

The quality of our life is shaped by the quality of our thoughts, beginning with our thoughts about ourselves. If I think, “I am like this”, then I will remain like that and never change. Instead, if I recognise my shortcomings with the will to change and I think in the best possible way about myself, my life will become the best it can be.

B.K. Shivani is a well-known motivational speaker and Rajyoga teacher.