Thinking of creating a world of harmony – is to enjoy this game of life

Although the world may seem as though it is falling apart and is fragmented, challenging and uncertain, the wonder is, that even though we were recently forced into physical separation, we found a way to come together and connect with one another. It shows that if enough of us have this willingness to connect on a global scale, in harmony, then nothing can prevent it.

To begin, we need to consider what it is that causes the fragmentation of our relationships, which brings about the lack of harmony. Often the immediate response to this is to blame the other ones for whatever we perceive as the cause of disturbance. Yet in reality, any disunity comes from within, not from without. A conflict can become a real gift, because it shows me what I need to do to bring about changes within me that will then bring about some healing and togetherness. So, we look at what makes us feel the way we feel. We then find that it is the thoughts we have that cause the feelings. It has nothing to do with what is being said or done, but it is what I think about what is being said or done.

To be able to see clearly, we must become the benevolent observer. To move a little higher, as if looking at life from a balcony, and watch my interactions. This will allow me to become very aware of the deep transformation that needs to take place. It is in solitude that I understand that nothing comes from anywhere other than from within me. This is amazingly liberating because I then realise that only I can make myself happy or unhappy. This light of understanding will shine on all my relationships. Further, I begin to understand who I really am, as I quietly observe the thought processes that drive my feelings. In fact, the only real crisis in the world is that we do not realise who we are. We are consciousness, light, energy. We are nameless, timeless, genderless and eternal. This awareness takes me into the silence that can connect me to the source of all love and perfect harmony, the Supreme Being, God.

When I connect to this Being in meditation, then an inner harmony begins to develop. Slowly at first, but little by little, the disunity between the head and the heart slowly dissolves and all the old hurts and conflicts begin to leave me and are no longer important, no longer have any significance at all.

All of life is relationship. What is there apart from the relationship with the self, with those around me, with all of the natural world and ultimately, with The Divine? That is all there is. So let me be one who begins the transformation to harmony, and know that all our relationships will finally heal, with the wonder of the power of the Divine, of God.

Moira Lowe is Director of Brahma Kumaris Argentina.