The new normal for fashion

The new normal for fashion

As stepping out will become rare and partying a distant dream, fashion will bend in favour of comfort. And that will include price points too. It brings one back to the Great Depression of the 1930s when the fashion mantra was to “Repair, reuse, make do and don’t waste anything”. Add to that a mask and you are ready to go the new normal way in fashion. Here are a few trends:

Join the Masquerade: Yes, it’s the most important accessory today. As vital as a bra, you cannot step out without. The mask force will be in action. Soon you will have designers keeping aside the last strip of fabric to make you a matching mask and maybe even gloves. Safety comes first. Actress Priyanka Chopra jonas. Source: instagram.

Get formal waist upwards: Those Zoom calls, Insta lives and Skype conversations have taught us one thing, dressing up waist down is a waste. So the need to blazer up with jeans worn casually will be the biggest trend. One that can be worn even at work. Or to small coffee break with a pal thereafter. Source: google

Wear cottons that breathe: The world is discovering the importance of fabrics that breathe. And Indian wear will lead the way. More and more young girls will be seen adding a palazzo with a flowing Anarkali in soft cotton and bold block prints to their wardrobe. No leaving Indian wear to weddings anymore. Source: jaykirti

Lounge in lounge wear: In the same vein, kaftans, easy breezy shift dresses, short tunics in floral prints will be the order. Easy to wear and super comfortable to lounge in. If the sofa is your new work station and all you have to rush out to is the grocer, then a stylish lounge wear is the best option. Source: Hemant-Nandita

Buy lab-made diamonds: Yes, lab-grown diamonds, as real as those found in mines will be in demand. Youngsters will also say ‘I do’ in these solitaires that cost one-third the price and also save the earth. To abridge the benefit in a quick factoid: CVD or chemical vapour deposition diamonds are not just beautiful they also save 109 gallons of water per carat and 2.63 tonnes of mineral waste from land. And the best part is some well-developed diamonds like the ones created by Limelight Diamonds have the same luster as Type-II diamonds personified by the Kohinoor. So many will opt for these sustainable diamonds in these frugal times. Source: Limelight Diamonds

Ankle lengths are back: Dresses that stop at the feet, cotton jackets that cover you up, with the invisible enemy floating around, fashion will have to be Covid-safe and hence stylishly done longlength garments like this one by Peeli Dori will be in vogue. Created in organic, soft cottons and crafted beautifully to be so safe and sound. Source: Peeli Dori

Recycle, reuse: This one will hurt retail but buying will be down and reusing will be up. Heirlooms will gain precedence over all.