The Congress-AAP were never in a position to survive civic polls battle: O.P. Dhankar


BJP-JJP succeeded in winning the civic polls with huge differences and gained control of 25 municipal bodies in Haryana jointly with its alliance partner JJP. Although, the party was expecting to get from 20 to 50% vote share in the election as it was revealed by an internal party survey. In an exclusive interview state BJP President OP Dhankar shared his views over the huge victory in civil polls.  Excerpts

Q. How do you count BJP’s victory in civic polls? 

A. The victory reflected the trust of people in the party and it is likely to have an impact on upcoming assembly elections to be held in 2024. The BJP contestants won control of at least 10 municipal councils and 13 municipal committees. Besides, its ally JJP won one committee and two municipal bodies which clearly indicates the expanding base of the BJP in the state. It is evident from the result that the people are satisfied with the politics and functioning of the BJP-JJP led government along with the Chief Minister Manohar Lal. 

Q. Are you content with result? 

A. Being a politician, no one can be satisfied. With a smile on face he said, “Ye Dil Mange More”. The BJP proved its mettle in civic polls which is a portrayal of the party’s domination over opponents. Having a portfolio of the state party president, I will try my best to take the party to the next level. 

Q. How do you take voter turnout gained by the BJP?

A. Around 12 lakh voters had to cast their votes in the elections and among these, nearly 8 lakh had cast their franchise. Earlier, according to the eternal survey, the BJP was expecting from 20 percent to 50 percent vote share. Final count clearly depicts that the saffron BJP and its ally succeeded in gaining around 50 percent of the total vote bank.  

Q. How do you take Congress’ future in the state? 

A. Everyone was familiar enough with the fact that Congress had already surrendered as it came up with a decision not to contest the election of party symbols. With the Congress staying away, the party leaders clearly indicated that they were nowhere in the civic polls battle. The JJP and its ally JJP’s huge victory has forced them to mull over strategy leaving it in a state of disappointment. The Congress, which continues to witness widened rift among

the party leaders, was never in position to contest the civic polls on the party symbol. 

Q. Do you agree that debutant AAP succeeded in marking its presence? 

A. The tall claims of huge victories in civic polls proved false. Despite its serious efforts, the party could win one civic body which is disappointing for it. Thus, it was a feeble debut for the AAP which was making huge claims of victory in the civic polls and contrary to the expectations of the party leaders, the same proved futile. 

Q. Several independents survived the polls successfully, what will you say? 

A. Undoubtedly, a string of independent candidates fought the elections successfully but it is worth mentioning that most of the winning candidates hailed from the BJP. The congress’s claims of having these independent candidates associated with the party are false.