Telangana: Police busted Noida-based gang as they sold 16.8 crore citizens data

In a recent media talk, the Cyberabad police of Hyderabad revealed that they had busted a Noida-based gang who stole/sold sensitive and confidential information of Government/Defence.

As per the statement given by a police officer, they nabbed around 6 “data-breakers who have been involved in this data stealing which was sensitive as well as confidential from various governments and private institutions.”

According to the police, around 16.8 crore citizens sensitive and confidential data has been breached and sold in the open markets in 140 categories. As per police officials, the data of “defence personnel such as who is posted where and there phone number,” has been sold. The official furthermore revealed that they are investigating the case as to find out how did they get their hands on the data.

They also claimed that “in the coming day they will share more information about it.” As per the police, the case is one of its kind. The leaked data includes Mobile number, NEET data, PAN, D-MAT, credit/debit (Axis, HSBC) cards details, WhatsApp, Facebook, and frequent flyers data etc.

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