Telangana HC lawyers hail Sirpurkar panel report


Welcoming the Sirpurkar Commission report, the lawyers of Telangana High Court said that they will dig deep into the case to bring the real culprits out in encounter case.

The deceased council of advocates organised a media conference in Hyderabad on Monday.

High court advocate P. V. Krishnamachari said: “This is a good result against the police fake encounter. The Sirpurkar commission conducted a wonderful inquiry to bring out the truths and facts behind the encounter. The police had killed four people and termed it an encounter. Based on report, the High Court will deliver a good decision and all the accused will be prosecuted and punished. The High Court will take this case after vacation on 6 June.

Another advocate Suresh Kumar said: “We welcome the Sirpurkar Commission report. It is an exhaustive report, 1355 affidavits were filled before the commission, 57 witnesses were examined, 53 documents were produced by the commission. Chief examination proceedings went for 47 days and arguments went for 10 days. Finally, the report containing 387 pages came out.”

He added: “The policemen from the beginning were saying that they acted in self-defence, but they could not answer it before the commission. They worked for only one goal that is making the government happy and for people who demanded instant justice.”

The commission came out with the report and said all the ten persons who are involved in the encounter should be booked under Section 302. “We have named the conspirators of the case and will fight legal battle in the Telangana High Court where we will go to the depth of the case and will pin point those who are responsible behind the police encounter.”