Telangana govt aids poorest of poor by giving them Aasara Pensions


The Aasara pension scheme was launched by the Telangana government on November 8, 2014, in Kothur in the Mahboobnagar district to provide pensions to old people, widows, patients suffering from elephantiasis or AIDS, physically disabled persons, beedi workers, and single women.
Telangana Finance Minister, in the annual budget session for the fiscal year 2022–23 on March 7, 2022, allocated Rs. 11,728 crore to the Aasara Pension Scheme. The state government has increased the pension being given to the elderly, widows, AIDS patients, handloom workers, and toddy tappers from Rs. 200 to Rs. 2,016 per month; the pension for the differently abled was increased from Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,016 per month; and the pension to single women, beedi workers, and filarial patients would be Rs. 2,016 per month. SM Haseen Golconda Tahsildar from the Hyderabad division said, “We receive 10 to 15 applications for pension per day. We also receive Shaadi Mubarak and Kalyana Lakshmi applications.”
“Since the Telangana government has come, it has increased the amount, due to which more people are applying. We have 4,700 sanctioned pensioners in the Golconda Tahsildar Division,” she said.
“In which old age pensions, single women pensions and more we give. Around 500 applications have been submitted online and are pending the sanction, she added. 600 petitions are ready for approval, and Shaadi Mubarak and Kalyana Lakshmi in my area are receiving Shaadi Mubarak a lot,” she stated.
“Old age pensions 1,500 are pending, and eligibility is upto 60 years. Single women pensions are 150 approved from our Mandal. As the amount was increased for Shaadi Mubarak and Kalyana Lakshmi we thanked the Telangana government for that,” she added.
Qutubuddin, a beneficiary, said, “He stays near Mohamadia lane and gets a pension of 2000 rupees and we thank KCR for that, we also thank MLA also.”
“In future also if we get the pension that would be great,” he said
Yasmeen Begum said, “She is a widow and she has two kids, every month she is getting a 2000 pension thanks to MLA and CM KCR. We wish this continues for the poor.”