Telangana : Bajrang Dal announces nationwide protest, tensions at Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad


Following a national protest by the Bajrang Dal over contrasts between the group and the Popular Front of India, police reinforcements at the Telangana Congress party’s Gandhi Bhavan headquarters in the city continued for a second day.

The Bajrang Dal announced a nationwide protest that has been held across the country for the past couple of days. BJP and Bajrang Dal workers came to Gandhi Bhavan who were chanting Jai shree Ram Slogans and Hanuman chalisa, after they were detained by the police.

In its manifesto, the Karnataka Congress unit promised to outlaw the Bajrang Dal and linked it to the PFI. The Union government recently prohibited the PFI due to its suspected anti-national activities.

Later Congress mahila morcha also raised slogans against BJP’s actions. The dharna led by Sunita Rao, Women’s Congress president at Gandhi Bhavan gate.