Telangana: 20 years imprisonment in B.S.D.A.V.School child molestation case


In a sentence which is bound to give confidence to society the accused in the B.S.D.A.V.School child molestation( POCSO Act case), reported in Banjarahills PS which created a huge sensation, was convicted for a period of 20 years by the Hon’ble Court (Fast Track Special Court for Rape & POCSO).

Today City Police Commissioner Mr.CV Anand has commended the Investigating Officers and Court Duty Officers, SHE team’s officers for their exceptional work and dedication. The concerted efforts of all arms of the criminals justice system led to the conviction of the accused in record time.

On October 18th , 2022, the Banjarahills police received a complaint from the mother of the victim, stating that the accused, Beemana Rajani Kumar, had been sexually abusing her daughter for two months.The accused took the victim to the digital class room and sexually abused her. The entire incident took place in the school, with the negligence of the principal, Sivaraju Madhavi.

The police immediately registered a case against the driver and the principal, and within hours, apprehended the accused. The entire investigation was concluded in just 34 days, citing 19 witnesses. The IO filed the Charge Sheet before the Hon’ble Special Court, which conducted the trial against the accused persons.

On April 18, 2023, the Hon’ble Court (Fast Track Special Court for Rape & POCSO) at HACA Bhavan, Hyderabad, pronounced judgment against the accused persons. Beemana Rajani Kumar was convicted and sentenced to 20 years of rigorous imprisonment, with a fine of Rs. 5000/-.