Tamil Nadu CM Stalin: State chief minister can be Chancellor of Universities


MK Stalin, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, stated on Tuesday that state-governing chief ministers can act as chancellors of universities, especially when it comes to the advancement of universities. Speaking at the “Tamil Nadu Doctor J Jayalalitha Music and Fine Arts University” convocation, Stalin declared that the purpose of universities would be destroyed if the Chancellor’s position were held by someone else. The appointment of the State Chief Minister to the position of chancellor of the Tamil Nadu Doctor J Jayalalitha Music and Fine Arts University was another move that Stalin praised made by the late Chief Minister Jayalalitha.

“We can be proud, as in India, this is the only university that was formed specially for music. This university is fully funded by the state fund. More than that, this university has the right to a ruling CM to be the Chancellor. I am not speaking of politics, just explaining reality. Like this, if CM were the Chancellor of all universities, then only universities would be developed.
“If the Chancellor were in other hands, the goal of universities would be destroyed. Realising this, in 2013, former CM Jayalalitha decided that this university Chancellor would be the State CM only. For this, we can appreciate her wholeheartedly. I am also appreciating her thinking about today’s situation,” Stalin said.