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The Lost Frontier Handbook is a great self-help guide created by Suzanne Sherman. It offers our Ancestors’ long-lost self-reliant skills and survival tips to survive any crisis.

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What is the Lost Frontier Handbook?

The Lost Frontier Handbook is a comprehensive freedom guide showing crisis management abilities and knowledge of long-forgotten forebears.

In this class, you can learn how to keep food traditionally by preserving, salting, drying, pickling, smoking, and other methods.

Making a non-addictive “frontier morphine” and 45 other potent medicines lost to history is made easy with this program’s techniques. It has many things that, in a catastrophe, will quickly outperform gold in worth.

It contains comprehensive information on surviving even after a disaster has occurred. The notes are accompanied by crisp pictures, meticulously drawn schematics, and step-by-step directions.

You’ll learn how to prepare pocket-sized soup, the finest long-lasting “forever foods,” such as a Viking mainstay with a three-year shelf life and Native American “sweet meat,” which can last for 100 years, in this class.

It unearths the best information to shield you and your loved ones from crises. It even included instructions on food preservation and how to store enormous amounts of delectable food that never goes bad.

These methods allow you to locate a consistent source of fresh, pure water completely off the grid. According to the author, the manual includes all-time tips and tactics for preserving lives.

Additionally, readers learn how to set up various escape strategies and arm themselves with necessary supplies in an emergency to handle odd occurrences.

The manual contains many important lessons, including advice on food storage, medicine, and preservation techniques.

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About the Author:

The Lost Frontier Handbook is the work of Suzanne Sherman. She built this work on her personal experience using information from antiquity.

Since creating this manual, millions of Americans have tuned in to TV programs, attended conventions, watched videos online, and rediscovered the self-reliance skills that were once used to flourish and succeed.

Suzanne wrote this thorough manual to share her knowledge with as many people as possible. You become more independent and well-prepared for crises as a result.

After all, searching for information relevant to your particular situation can feel very daunting. She is a writer, speaker, radio personality, and instructor.

She discusses producing homemade baby food and beginning an egg company without hens.

Even how to capture, tan, and prepare delicious untamed elk that has just been killed, she covers a lot of ground in this Red Hot Chilly Prepper podcast.

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What will you find inside this Lost Frontier Handbook?

Inside this The Lost Frontier Handbook, you will find the ideal information that helps preserve you and your family from any crisis. Here’s a Glimpse of What You Get.

Uncovers The Most Powerful Remedies We Lost to History:

First, you will find high-resolution images, carefully detailed diagrams, and step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Describes one of the biggest life savers in history, antiseptics are potent disinfectants you can make at home.
  • Create powerful pain relievers for accidents, persistent pain, and toothaches.
  • Treat Burns, Breaks, and Wounds Safely.
  • Quickly relieve a cough or sore throat.
  • How to Make “Frontier Penicillin,” an antibiotic.
  • Even how to handle warts, fungal infections, and cold sores is covered, as well as how to relieve arthritic pain and know precisely what to do if someone you adore has been poisoned.

Discovers How to Build a Food Stockpile That Never Spoils!

You have an infinite supply of delicious food to eat after this exercise. Without power, pharmaceutical preservatives, or nauseating survival guide supplies, it was the ideal safety net.

  • How to Safely Preserve Meat for Months at a Time involves salting, burning, dehydrating, and other methods.
  • Both novices and experts will benefit from reading The A-Z of Canning and Pickling.
  • 101 Companion Planting – The definitive “how to” for a self-sustaining yard.
  • 3 Root Cellar Methods for Refrigerating Food Without Electricity.
  • When SHTF, learn how to hunt, tan, and hide the wild game and how to trade the pelts for cash.

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How to Thrive Through Another Great Depression?

The straightforward methods in this manual help eliminate all stress-inducing situations and support keeping your general health in a better range. Here it contains,

  • Save a ton of money on food each month.
  • The Best Wild Plants for Gathering.
  • The old-fashioned method to make soda and ginger beer.
  • 101 Rules for Raising Chickens.
  • Making Priceless Home Goods from “Junk”.

The Only Survival Superfoods You’ll Ever Need:

The superfood dishes in this book are the healthiest, most reliable ones you’ll ever discover. It allows you to regain vitality and youth and improves your general health. It consists of

  • It’s still okay to consume the aboriginal Americans’ 100-year survival ration.
  • The portable soup that mountain men adore is a delectable quick dinner.
  • The Civil War-winning biscuit is bug-out-friendly.
  • The comfort food of the Vikings has been unspoiled for years.
  • 22 “Forever Foods,” which have unexpected advantages, are essential for prepper survival program.

75 Items Worth More Than Gold in A Crisis:

  • You will find the best of 75 commonplace items in this application, which sometimes make you feel unimportant but currently support you in moments of need.
  • A swing trivet, cordless phone, copper, coins, picture developing equipment, can opener, fly paper, coffee kettle, and many more items are included in this manual.

Enjoy Limitless Clean Water 100% Off the grid:

  • It teaches you how to create a water purifier using common household items that are easy to find in any yard and function admirably in an emergency.
  • These filters are a cheap, reusable, all-natural component of a self-sufficient living.
  • Because it is made of the same remarkable material as a gas mask, you can create one quickly by following the same method.

It Discovers Free Land in the USA:

The creator divulges the key to locating a house and becoming self-sufficient. The guide informs customers about areas close to towns and other important services.

In addition, the inventor asserts that, with the right techniques, 1/5 of an acre can be perfect for feeding family members.

New York, Alaska, and Colorado are a few places that are highlighted, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each spot.

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Benefits of The Lost Frontier Handbook:

    • The Lost Frontier Handbook is a thorough compendium of abilities and strategies created to assist you and your family lead independent lives.
    • It reveals techniques for growing and preserving food like early settlers did, creating homemade domestic cleaners, growing enough food to support a family, and using every part of an animal.
    • All of the necessities for your existence, including food, drink, and shelter, are covered in this manual.
  • You can learn to use them without having special-forces exercise levels because they are very beginner-friendly. 
  • There is no need for costly, overpriced, or overengineered widgets and no regional restrictions.
  • Anyone can learn the methods and strategies in this program, which support improving your lifestyle with the most trustworthy abundance.
  • Anyone can use these straightforward tactics to protect you and a loved one from disaster.
  • In a disaster, you can use the knowledge and suggestions in this manual to prepare food and water for your family.
  • You can maintain your happiness and help your life return to normal by following the advice provided in this manual.

Cons of The Lost Frontier Handbook:

  • This program is a program only available through online purchasing.
  • It is not obtainable offline or at other walk-in shops.
  • Following this guide regularly helps promote better results where outcomes may vary from person to person.

About pricing details of The Lost Frontier Handbook:

The Lost Frontier Handbook is available at the most affordable on its authorized website.

The original cost of this guide is $50, but now you will get it at the lowest price described below. Every purchase includes four FREE bonuses.

  • Get a digital copy of the Lost Frontier Handbook for $37, a one-time payment.
  • Get the physical copy of the Lost Frontier Handbook for $37 with $8.99 shipping and handling costs. It is a one-time payment.
  • Get the physical copy + digital copy of the Lost Frontier Handbook for $37 with $8.99 shipping and handling costs. It is a one-time payment.

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Bonus with Lost Frontier Handbook:

With each purchase of the Lost Frontier Handbook, you will get three free bonuses that help maintain your health in a better state. Let’s take a look at these free bonuses.

  • BONUS #1: The 80 Square Feet Medicinal Garden.
  • BONUS #2: Surviving an Economic Collapse.
  • BONUS #3: Homestead Cooking 101.

Bottom Lines The Lost Frontier Handbook:

The Lost Frontier Handbook is a manual created to help you and your loved ones out of trouble during a crisis.

Natural catastrophes necessitate mitigation strategies like food storage to live against all obstacles.

Because of this, the author of the Lost Frontier Handbook uses forebears’ methods and skills to equip readers with survival advice.

The manual provides instructions on creating a therapeutic garden, food storage, grid-connected tap water system, etc. On the main website, customers can purchase both print and digital versions.

As a result, on the company’s official website, every transaction is covered by a 60-day, 100% money-back promise. 

Thus it means that if, at any time in the first 60 days, you’re still in the proper frame of mind to read “The Lost Frontier Handbook,” you should. Send them a note, and you’ll hear back in 24 hours.

That’s all there is to it! Before making a choice, you have TWO WHOLE MONTHS to test-drive “The Lost Frontier Handbook” and the three complimentary extras.

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