STF recovers 161 kg of Ganja in Angul, 3 arrested in Odisha


Three persons were detained together with 161 kg of marijuana when a Special Task Force (STF) unit raided the Chandrapur hamlet in the Angul district of Odisha.

Sarmit Urma of Chandrapur Village within the boundaries of Athamallik Police Station, Rohit Behra of Madhapur Village within the boundaries of Athamallik Police Station, and Sunil Deep of Routpada within the boundaries of Harabhanga Police Station, Boudh District were named as the three accused.

More than 161 kg of Ganja and other damning evidence were found and taken from the accused during a raid against illegal drug storage and sales, according to Kishore Kumar Panigrahi, the SP of the Odisha STF.

Based on the STF’s findings, a case has been opened at the Athamallik Police Station.
More research is being done.

Since 2020, the STF has confiscated more than 69 kg of Brown Sugar Heroin, 202 grammes of Cocaine, 750 grammes of Opium, and more than 115 quintals of Ganja or Marijuana as part of its campaign against the unlawful possession and sale of narcotic substances.

Additionally, the STF has detained more than 172 narcotics dealers.