Stainless steel table: interior ergonomics for enhanced functionality


In the rapidly-transforming business world, some trends pop up a mile a minute while some things remain unchanged. A stainless steel prep table that contains various modifications and practical accessories is one of the structures that can easily stand the test of time. It was the imperative type of equipment a decade ago and such equipment will probably be indispensable in ten years as well. To succeed in the restaurant business sphere where every process must be well-established and without any kind of hitches and interruptions, investing in a highly durable and smartly designed kitchen work table must be a top priority. 

And generally, such arrangement of restaurant working zones yields lots of advantages:

  • Using modern and trendy steel structures (apart from a stainless steel table, it can be shelving systems, storage racks, several-compartments sinks, or stands for utensils) when organizing areas in professional kitchens supports food-service business growth since restaurant/cafe/bar owners will be capable of attaining the set goals and ensuring each visitor with impressively great service, tasty food, and excellent reputation.
  • Having slowed down the prep process, there is a risk to sacrifice the quality of offered service, however, such equipment as tables with extra drawers, shelves, or built-in-sinks will drastically boost the speed of cooking and staff performance.
  • Instead of waiting for your commercial furniture, equipment, and devices to get old, damaged, and cracked, start interior transformations with highly hygienic and smooth steel tables.

You can never go amiss if you choose the AmGoodSupply stainless steel prep table. It was created to resist all the harsh effects, such as moisture, hot pans, scratches, bacteria, and so on. Moreover, it is aesthetically pleasing and comes in different sizes and with a range of upgrades.

Design ideas: create a unique area with the help of a commercial work table

Place several wall shelving units above the working surface. The kitchen can be compared to the command center of the restaurant. This is where everything starts. And its design doesn’t boil down to equipment purchase. The layout must be planned in accordance with the needs and taking into account the tiniest nuances that can sway toward one or another decision. In a well-organized space, personnel intuitively know where everything is placed. Ingredients, devices, pots and pans, forks and knives — all these elements must be properly located in an ergonomic manner. At the same time, it is pivotal that frequently used items are always close at hand whilst other objects are hidden. Otherwise, it will lead to disorder, chaos, and a cluttered interior. Rest assured, such a wise space optimization can be attained with the help of vertical metal shelving units mounted over the stainless steel table. You can store products, plates, bottles, containers, seasonings, etc. You can consider other spots for such wall additions but do it with the comfort of the staff in mind.

More drawers — more storage space for smaller items. Just imagine how many small items are needed for cooking one or another dish. And in a complete mess, such items may be lost of sight. Their search will take time and it, in turn, will negatively impact how quickly meals will be prepared and served to guests. This issue can be solved with the right solution. Thus, having enough drawers can definitely bring a positive change, and integrating such elements into a metal table means better storage capacity and hassle-free access to the smallest details.