Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat Nitin Patel said that while vaccination is proving to be an invaluable weapon in the fight against the Covid-19, the state government has given timely priority to vaccination, which has resulted in more than 3.1 crore people across the state being vaccinated— more than three lakh citizens are vaccinated every day. Meanwhile, a special vaccination camp will been organized for the employees of traders and service organizations across the state on Sunday. All traders and employees have been appealed to avail maximum benefits.

The Deputy CM said that as a result of the effective functioning of the state government, the transmission of corona has come down and the number of cases is also gradually declining. With the cooperation of the citizens in the state, success has been achieved in preventing the transition. In the future also, if the citizens come and exercise restraint by giving such cooperation and if we wear the proper protocol of social coronation and mask, then surely we can make Gujarat free from the deadly virus, Patel added.

He added that since the state of transition has been declining in the state, the state government has given many concessions with strict implementation of the Corona Protocol in the hope of restoring business employment and providing employment to the younger ones. It is important to protect yourself and your customers to the maximum. The Dy. CM added that at present there are 15 lakh 18 thousand 280 doses of vaccine available in the state on 22 July, 2021. So far in the state, the first dose has been given to 2 crore 31 lakh 52 thousand persons and the second dose to 70 lakh 22 thousand 571 persons. The vaccine has to be given free of cost to 3 crore 9 lakh 63 thousand 589 citizens between the ages of 18 to 45 years with the help of the Government of India. Out of them 98 lakh 59 thousand 432 persons have been vaccinated.

He added that in view of the need to vaccinate the traders-hotel-service sector employees by 31 July, 2021 as per the notification of the Home Department, the business class and service class employees should be vaccinated by 31 July, 2021. A special vaccination camp has been organized on 1800 centers on Sunday 25 July, 2021. Which appeals to traders-employees to take advantage.