Solo show ‘There Is A Way’ draws inspiration from natural landscape and artist’s own journey


A solo art show titled ‘There Is A Way’ (exploring paths through the mountains) is being showcased by artist Namita Nirmal at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi till 20 July.
Solo show titled ‘There Is A Way’ draws inspiration from the nature, landscape and the artist’s own journey.
Artist Namita Nirmal said, “There Is A Way is inspired from two aspects. First, my approach to the series. The paintings of the formidable mountains, looking unyielding and daunting at first, reveal the many ways that they allow to run through them. The rivers, the tracks, the paths each give seekers a way to get closer. Second, the show marks an important point in my own journey. Despite my own unconventional start as an artist, that I am here today shows me that there is always a way.”
Namita Nirmal further said, “I try to see the world from the point of view of a casual observer, and then find layers within that go beyond obvious, layers that reveal themselves only on closer and prolonged observation. My brushes on Canvases are my own Meanderings as I traverse the landscapes-at times with my feet, at times with my mind.”
“Looking back on my own journey as an artist, I can see how each step has led me closer to my idea of expression, where I get closer to my elements of nature, and take others along with me,” the artist added.
Artist Namita Nirmal started out as a professional in multimedia and commercial art, with animation being her chosen form. She was drawn towards painting canvases, attracted by the unstructured and unguided freedom of expression.
Over the years, she has honed her skills through workshops, group exhibitions, graffiti art, and a MFA in Painting.
“While I live and work out of Delhi-NCR India, my travel to the mountains and, sometimes the distance from them, inspires my work and reflects in my thought and approach,” the artist said.