Skye Air Mobility, a pioneer in the drone delivery logistics firm, marked a milestone of 1000 flights in six months, making India the 12th nation in the world to lead the drone delivery space.

Most of the 1000 autonomous (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) BVLOS flights were equipped with different consignments such as turmeric supplies, grocery items, medicines and diagnostics samples.

The tech start-up, headquartered in New Delhi currently has a fleet of 4 drones of different categories that can carry various kgs of payloads and is expecting to upscale its fleet to 120 drones in the coming six months. The company is also expecting to complete 1 million flights in the same time frame.

Ankit Kumar, CEO, Skye Air Mobility said, “Skye Ship One (the company’s flagship small category delivery drone) has been the most reliable drone for delivery application in India as of now. Having completed over 1000 deliveries, the flagship is bound on its journey for completing upcoming missions. In addition, we are soon going to bring in Starliner and Artemis which shall add more value to the offerings that we currently have.”

The Skye Ship One drone was also showcased at the drone mela in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, where the drone was able to successfully navigate the difficult terrains of the Himalayan state covering a distance of 12 Kms and deliver medicines and vaccines to far -flung areas in the interiors of the hill state.

The CEO Ankit Kumar said that drone delivery is the future of delivery in India and the world and it would help essential items like medicines and vaccines reach difficult terrains much faster than roads and have also praised the Union government’s Drone Policy 2021.

Kumar said, “The Drone Rules 2021 has given wings to the drone delivery space in India. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has been on the forefront with a mission to make India a global drone hub by 2030. We are very grateful to the authorities for providing the right push to this industry. Our clients such as Dunzo Digital, Flipkart, Blue Dart Express, Redcliffe Labs have entrusted us with a greater responsibility of transporting packages in a safe and secure environment. We thrive on the success and happy smiles of our clients and this day when we celebrate 1000 plus delivery milestones, we dedicate this to our clients, regulators and our well-capable team who have made this possible. And this is just the beginning because we are warming up for achieving greater success not just in India but also in other nations. Our goal remains to impact the lives of many by providing faster, efficient and cost-effective deliveries.”

Skye Air Mobility has also collaborated with Redcliffe Labs to take healthcare and pathology services to remote areas of the country using drone technology. The company would be transporting diagnostic samples for the company from the collection point to the laboratory within minutes helping patients get their reports in the shortest time possible.

For this, the company carried out trial BVLOS flights in the high rise urban areas of Noida and Greater Noida and showcased a faster supply chain for diagnostic sample delivery leading to quicker diagnostic results successfully kicked off in Noida, Greater Noida and Meerut.

Kumar while addressing the media said that they were extremely happy to achieve this feat since navigating drones through the high-rise buildings of residential areas of Noida and Greater Noida was a challenge and they were able to breakthrough and come out with flying colours.