Six Ways to Improve Your Fantasy Cricket Game


Fantasy Cricket has become incredibly well known these last couple of years, overwhelming cricket fans with the plethora of opportunities to live out their childhood dreams. What fan hasn’t had the desire to play with a team comprised of their most idolized sports players?

But it can seem confusing at first, as you step into this new and wondrous world – so many choices to make, so many nuances to consider, so many factors to keep a track of – it’s dizzying for some. You don’t need to worry, however; firstly, fantasy cricket apps like My11Circle are intuitive and easy for the player to grasp, and secondly, to help out a little bit more, here are six of the latest tips for a fantasy cricket app to step up your game.

  1. Research Player Performance

The first step to take is to check whether a player has been in form in the latest games or not. You shouldn’t pick a player only due to his good performance a couple of months back. Recent performances and form matter here over a player’s professional record, since your victory will rely upon the performance in a one-off match. Nonetheless, if it’s a league that you are choosing the team for, go for class players as they are probably going to perform better over the long haul.

  1. Look Over the Weather and Pitch Report

Inspecting weather and pitch reports is something that most fantasy cricket players don’t focus on and accordingly end up not picking the right fantasy players. If it is a sluggish and dry pitch and a midday game, you ought to pick a greater number of spinners in your team as opposed to a swing bowler. Different people are suited to different things, and failing to identify how the situation has changed and adapt to it accordingly could cost you the match.

  1. Choose Top-Order Batsmen

Choosing proficient top-order batsmen is one of the important tip in a fantasy cricket app to win big, particularly in T20s. Since they get to confront the greatest number of deliveries, it is simply normal to anticipate that they should score big runs and how most teams are arranged nowadays, the main 3 are the best batsmen in the team. Thus, the likelihood of them scoring huge runs is a lot higher than expected.

  1. Selecting The Captain and Vice-Captain

One of the latest fantasy league cricket tips is to pick the right captain and vice-captain. These two choices can be the difference between dominating and losing the match or the league. The captain of each fantasy XI earns 2x points and the vice-captain earns 1.5x focuses, so assuming that you figure out how to choose the two best performers of the game as your captain and vice-captain, it will be truly challenging for anybody to beat you from that position.

  1. Keep Up with The Latest News

Have a close look at all the news which the teams are coming up with. Indeed, even the substitution of a coach affects the playing XI of the crew, so know about these changes. Injury updates about players are remarkably significant in directing you to pick the right playing XI. Essentially, if there is an alteration of the batting position of a player, you ought to know about it as the way to winning is by picking the top-order batsmen in your team. 60% of players in your fantasy XI ought to be in some perfect world top-order batsmen.

  1. Pick the Right Combination of Batsmen, Bowlers, WK, and Fielders

Since you want to pick something like one player from every one of the categories, it is essential to carefully pick. By top-order batsmen, we don’t imply that they must be proper batsmen, it very well may be any player who bats at the top. The best approach is by picking all-rounders who bat in the top 4 with the goal that you get the greatest amount of points thanks to their overall performances. The equivalent goes for wicketkeepers, who are known for their abilities to bat as well and can get points through both batting and wicketkeeping.

The latest tips for a fantasy cricket app only get you so far, though – it’s up to you to utilize these tips to figure out your style, and the best place to do it is on a safe platform-like My11Circle that provides players a fast, smooth, seamless fantasy cricket experience.