Silence is a special power of the soul. All problems can be solved with the power of silence. When we are silent, in solitude, our mental energies are concentrated, which enables us to attain two powers — the power to discern and the power to judge. These two powers help us resolve difficulties in our interactions with others and overcome obstacles.

We first need to discern what the issue is and then judge what to do. Sometimes we fail to recognise our own weaknesses and are deceived. We think we are right and the other person is at fault. In order not to be deceived in this manner we need to develop our power of concentration, which can be attained only when we first develop the power of silence.

Falling prey to deception is a major reason for the lack of deep spiritual transformation. What is the sign of being deceived? We say: “What I did and said was right!” “What have I done wrong?”

Even when we are wrong, we do not realise it because we lack the power to discern. Due to poor discernment, we are unable to judge whether there is something in me that I need to change or the other person is not seeing things clearly.

The power of silence also cools down the fire of anger, and it ends the turmoil caused by waste thoughts. By calming the mind and concentrating our mental energy, it enables us to focus better and accomplish more with less effort and in shorter time. No matter what our old habits and weaknesses are, the power of silence can finish them all by facilitating accurate discernment and realisation. This power has the potential to cure any sickness of the mind.

One who has accumulated the power of silence becomes a magnet of peace, with their vibrations, their words and behaviour having a calming effect on others. This power can transform an ordinary person into a great soul.

B.K. Dr Savita is a Rajyoga teacher at the Brahma Kumaris headquarters in Abu Road, Rajasthan.

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