Shraddha murder case: Plea moved in Delhi High Court seeking transfer of investigation to CBI

Aftab poonewala

A Practicing Lawyer of Delhi has moved a plea in the Delhi High Court seeking transfer of investigation from Delhi Police to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in Shraddha murder case.  

The plea says that the investigation by Delhi Police cannot be carried out efficiently due to administrative, staff paucity as well as lack of sufficient technical and scientific equipment to find out the evidence and the witness as the incident had taken place about six months back. It also stated that whatever investigation done by Delhi Police has been revealed by media. The presence of media and other public persons at the place of recoveries, court hearings etc. of any accused amounts to their interference with the evidence and witnesses in the present case.

It also stated that the Delhi Police have not sealed the alleged place of the incident to date which is continuously being accessed by the public and media personnel.

“The forensic evidence in the present case has not been preserved properly by the Delhi Police since all the alleged recoveries are being touched and accessed by different public persons and media personnel within the Mehrauli Police Station, alleged scene of crime i.e. house of the deceased, place of recoveries i.e. Mehrauli, Chhattarpur forest etc. which are clearly evident in the various news coverage of the present case,” the plea read.

Due to faulty investigation, most of the heinous crimes result in the acquittal of the accused since as per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report, 2021 only 44 per cent of murder cases result in a conviction, stated the plea.