Shraddha Murder Case: Delhi Police Moves to Seek Permission for Aaftab’s Polygraph

Aftab poonewala

Aaftab Amin Poonawala, the defendant in the murder of Shraddha Walker, is being subjected to a polygraph test, and the Delhi police have petitioned a lower court to seek permission.

The police claimed that Aaftab, who admitted to killing and dismembering his live-in girlfriend, was supplying false information. The case was submitted to Magistrate Vijayshree Rathore by Metropolitan Magistrate Aviral Shukla of Saket Court after she had previously authorised a narcoanalysis test on Aftab.

The court is likely to hear the plea on Tuesday.

Aaftab will be brought before the court when his five days of police confinement have passed, according to sources.

In a previous court filing, Delhi police claimed that Aftab was providing false information and deceiving the investigation.

The plea for a polygraph test is the second scientific examination that Delhi police sought to conduct on Aaftab.

The court mandated a narcotics test on Aaftab be performed by Rohini Forensic Science Laboratory within five days, on Thursday.

While extending the accused’s imprisonment by an additional five days, the court instructed the investigating officer in the case to refrain from using third-degree violence on the defendant.

Vijayshree Rathore, a metropolitan magistrate, had approved the request for Aaftab’s narcoanalysis test.

After noting the accused’s approval through Legal Aid Counsel Harshit Sagar, the court accepted the plea. Through video conferencing, the accused was able to follow the proceedings in court.

“The FSL, Rohini, is directed to allow the IO to conduct a narcotics analysis test of the accused within five days from today,” the court had said on Thursday.
During the proceedings, the accused was explained the meaning of the narco analysis test and its consequences. He was further informed that since he was not physically produced before the court and his consent for the test was being sought through video conferencing, his consent would be recorded through the legal-aid counsel appointed on his behalf, Harshit Sagar, on November 14.