She was overlooked by Einstein

Ever object in the universe, whether living or non-living, is supposed to follow the basic laws of science about gravity, motion, thermodynamics, chemical reactions etc. However, there is a notable exception- the exceptionally beautiful woman. Since time immemorial, poets have documented their findings on this entity. Some have even gone crazy in the process. However, Einstein, Tesla, Max Planck and others have failed to account for the influence of this ‘vital force’ on our planet while formulating their theories.

Khuda bhi aasman se jab zameen par dekhta hoga
Mere Mehboob ko kisne banaaya sochta hoga
Even the creator wonders who created this terrestrial fairy. All angels are big fans of hers. She doesn’t need a Kalashnikov rifle- an intense gaze is enough to ‘finish’ a man. Some are even capable of katl-e-aam (massacre). In fact, guys should avoid looking into her eyes since they are a deep lake in which one can easily drown. She can give intoxication equivalent to a full bottle of liquor, in an instant. Her eyelashes can provide shade to an area which is the size of a football field.
Ye uthe subah chale, ye jhuke shaam dhale
Mera jeena mera marna inhin palkon ke tale
When she opens her alluring eyes, the sun rises and when she closes them, the sun suddenly dips, bringing on the night. When she smiles, the whole universe erupts with joy. Whenever she enters a garden, it becomes cloudy and a cool breeze start blowing. All the flowers bend in her direction. Birds sing her praises. During the night, the moon avoids glancing at her- it doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by jealousy. Even the stars beg her to lend them her dazzle so that they can shine brightly.

Her tresses are the prime influencer of the world climate. The clouds look at them for guidance and move in accordance with their movement.
Rivers learn to flow in a curvy fashion after taking a cue from her walk. Many a suitor travels to the sky to pluck stars for her. If she commits a heinous crime, there is no dearth of men who are ready to own the crime and undergo life imprisonment. Some men pray to God for a glimpse of her- and in return for that they are ready to barter their life.
While she has inspired many men and even women to excel themselves, she has also been the factor behind many wars and conflicts in history. I wonder why pretty ladies go into depression over minor issues. They should simply remind themselves of the otherworldly power they wield.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder- but some beauties make all beholders fall in line!



Jas Kohli is a noted humour writer. His published work includes three bestselling humour novels- ‘Anything to look hot’, ‘Lights! Scalpel! Romance!’ and ‘Lights! Weddings! Ludhiana

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