Shanti Dhariwal inaugurates Jaipur’s longest elevated road


Urban Development Minister Shanti Dhariwal virtually inaugurated the Rao Shekha Ji Elevated Road in Jhotwara on Thursday. The inauguration program was attended by Jaipur Development Authority Commissioner (JDA) Jogaram and other senior officials of JDA. On this occasion, Dhariwal said that people from the Panchayat Samiti to ROB will benefit from the newly built road. He said, “Now vehicles will run on the elevated road from Nirav Road to Ambabari. People will no longer have to face traffic jams.”
After nearly 5 years of waiting, the construction of the Rao Shekha Ji Elevated Road has finally begun in this area. Although, only 2.4 kilometres of the 7-kilometre elevated road have been started so far. The remaining work on the road is being carried out and will be completed soon. This route is set to become Jaipur’s longest elevated road, which is 2.4 kilometres long.
Due to the upcoming state assembly elections, the election code of conduct is going to be applied in the state. Therefore, the government has inaugurated the incomplete Jhotwara Elevated Road. The construction of only 84% of the elevated road is complete. With the start of the road, people in the area from Nirav Road, Dadikaka Phatak, Jhotwara Industrial Area to Sikar Road will benefit. When the rest of the elevated road will be completed, it will benefit nearly 10 lakh people.
This is an elevated road cum ROB Kalwad Road, which is a state highway that connects Jaipur with several towns. About 10 lakh residents of the Jhotwara area will benefit from this project. The construction of ROB will provide residents of the Jhotwara region with convenient transportation and relief from the inconvenience caused by current traffic jams.

Construction in Numbers:
The elevated road is 2.4 kilometres long. Traffic has commenced in 1.5 kilometres. Only 84% of the road is complete.