‘Setsubun’: A Japanese event to kill the evil


Setsubun is a Japanese event which recently held at “Zojo Temple” in Tokyo. The word “Setsubun” in Japanese means the change of season from winter to spring. During this event, the participants shouted “Ogre is going outside” and “Happiness comes to us”.
They throw roasted soybeans. Its performance is believed to exterminate ogre. Kaishu Akabu, Zojo Temple, said, “Ogre is a symbol of bad things, so by this performance, we exterminate the evil inside us.” “Happiness comes to us” means to incorporate happiness into us.”
At Zojo Temple, kindergartners are invited to the event every year. Children have a good time throwing beans at ogre. The bean throwers are people born in the same year as this year’s Chinese zodiac, public entertainers and sumo wrestlers. In addition, they throw snacks, rice cakes and lucky lotteries at the event. Many people gather to pick it up.
Visitor said, “I participate every year to refresh my mind in the new year and decide to do my best.” The visitor said, “Since I have a zodiac sign, so I participated at the event to get good luck.”
The visitor said, “These are the beans we picked up. I hope everyone can live in peace and health.” A visitor from Myanmar said, “It was fun to grab and it was a great experience. I heard that eating this rice cake makes me rich, so I’ll eat it to be rich.”
Kaishu Akaba, Zojo Temple, said, “For example, Covid-19 is like an orge, so with the intention of ending it quickly, Zojo Temple is holding an event preparing safety measures. I hope a lot of people will participate and enjoy happiness just like “Ogre is going outside” and “Happiness comes to us”.”
The traditional Japanese event “Setsubun” is all about wishing for peace and happiness in the lives of people.