Security Alert in Dharamshala Ahead of ICC World Cup Matches Due to Khalistan Slogans


ICC World Cup matches are starting from 5th October. The first match will be played on October 7 at HPCA Stadium. 5 World Cup matches are to be played in Himachal Pradesh. At the same time, even before the World Cup match, nefarious activities of Khalistan terrorists have come to light in Dharamshala. Khalistani supporters have written the slogan of Khalistan Zindabad with spray paint on the wall of a government department in Dharamshala.
According to the information received, before the ICC World Cup match, some mischievous elements wrote the slogan ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ in support of Khalistan on the wall of a government office in Dharamshala. However, as soon as this information was received, the Kangra Police team reached the spot and the slogan written in support of Khalistan was removed. During this time, top officials of Kangra Police were also present on the spot.
After this action of Khalistanis, Kangra Police and security agencies have now come in alert mode. Police has started searching for unknown accused. For which all the nearby CCTV cameras are being scanned. Apart from this, people are also being questioned whether anyone has seen any suspect around the government office. SP Kangra Shalini Agnihotri said that the police has started investigating the matter.
The first match of the ICC World Cup is to be played at the International Cricket Stadium, Dharamshala on 7 October. A total of 5 matches of the World Cup will be played in Dharamshala. Before the match, the police administration has come into action after slogans were written on the wall in support of Khalistan in Dharamshala. Kangra Police has started investigating the matter, so that no hindrance of any kind arises during the Cricket World Cup match.
It is worth noting that even before this, some mischievous elements had written slogans in support of Khalistan on the wall of the assembly complex located at Tapovan and had put up the Khalistan flag there.