SC tightens screw on Udyanidhi Stalin over ‘Sanatan Dharma’ remarks, sends notice


The Supreme Court of India on Friday served notices to the Tamil Nadu government and the Tamil Nadu Youth Welfare Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin in response to remarks made against Sanatan Dharma. The apex court issued these notices based on Udhayanidhi Stalin’s comments asserting that Sanatan Dharma stood in opposition to the concept of social justice and needed to be eliminated.
Simultaneously, a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), filed by a lawyer from Chennai, has demanded the lodging of a First Information Report (FIR) against the Chief Minister’s son.
In addition to this development, the Supreme Court also extended notices to MP A Raja, MP Thirumavalavan, MP Su Venkatesan, the Tamil Nadu Director General of Police, the Greater Chennai Police Commissioner, the Union Home Ministry, Minister for Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowment Department PK Sekar Babu, Chairman of the Tamil Nadu State Minorities Commission Peter Alphonse, and others.
In his comparison of Sanatan Dharma to diseases such as coronavirus, malaria, and dengue fever, all transmitted by mosquitoes, Udhayanidhi expressed his viewpoint that instead of opposing such beliefs, efforts should be made to eliminate them.
During his address at a gathering of the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers and Artists Association, he further contended that Sanatan Dharma conflicted with principles of equality and social justice.
Udhayanidhi stressed that the term “Sanatan” is derived from Sanskrit, signifying eternal and unchangeable, thus precluding any questioning or alteration. He accused Sanatan Dharma of dividing people based on caste.
On the microblogging site ‘X’, Udhayanidhi additionally stated, “Sanatan Dharma is a principle that divides people in the name of caste and religion.” He asserted that uprooting Sanatan Dharma would serve to promote humanity and human equality, according to the DMK leader.
On September 4, Udhayanidhi Stalin’s controversial claim that Sanatan Dharma obstructs social justice and should be eradicated triggered a political uproar.
However, the Tamil Nadu Minister stood firm in his stance on Monday, stating, “I spoke at an event about it (Sanatana Dharma) the day before yesterday. Whatever I said, I will repeat it again and again… I addressed all religions, not just Hindus… I spoke out against caste-based discrimination, that’s all…”
Udhayanidhi, who also heads the sports development portfolio, contended that in the past, Sanatan Dharma curtailed women’s freedom and confined them to their homes.
Nonetheless, he noted that women today are excelling in sports and achieving financial independence.