Saudi’s World Muslim League lauds India on Gandhi Jayanti

India has received unusual praise from Saudi Arabia’s World Muslim League for its policy of non-violence and tolerance towards all.
The Mecca-based World Muslim League timed its praise for India’s Global and National outlook on Gandhi Jayanti — something which Saudi Arabia-based Islamic Group has never done before. Hailing Mahatma Gandhi for being a pioneer of the philosophy of non-violence, the Muslim World League, for the first time, paid tribute to Gandhi on his 153rd birth anniversary and said that the day should be an occasion to spread the message of non-violence internationally.
“Today, October 2, we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti to honour the birthday and remember the life of Mahatma Gandhi, a visionary, freedom fighter, and follower of non-violence. Today also is the International Day of Non-Violence,” Muslim World League wrote in a tweet.
It added that October 2 should be used as an opportune day to spread the message of non-violence on an international level. “Every year, the world celebrates the International Day Of Non-Violence, celebrating the life of the pioneer of the non-violence philosophy, Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. An occasion to spread the message of non-violence internationally through education and public awareness,” it tweeted.

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