Satish Poonia leads BJP’s campaign, collects massive support

In the Bhilwara district, the historic BJP’s Parivartan Yatra witnessed a massive outpouring of support from villages, towns, and cities, with Dr Satish Poonia leading the way by seeking blessings at the Shri Sawai Bhoj Ji Temple in Asind.
The journey began on a positive note, and a tsunami of public support was seen in areas like Asind, Mandal, Sahada, and all 36 constituencies, which bodes well for the BJP’s Parivartan Yatra.
Dr Poonia pointed out that Rajasthan has the highest VAT on diesel and petrol, making it the most expensive state for fuel, while neighbouring states like Gujarat, UP, and Haryana have cheaper diesel and petrol. This disparity in fuel prices is due to the high VAT imposed by the Congress government in Rajasthan.
The wrong policies of the Congress government have led to widespread protests and demonstrations by employees, youth, and farmers, making the people of Rajasthan inclined to remove the Congress government from power. Dr Poonia emphasized that the Congress government’s policies have forced people to protest repeatedly, affecting all segments of society.
On Ram Navami, Section 144 was imposed in Bhilwara, and there was a heavy police presence during Hindu festivals. According to Dr Poonia, these actions expose the Congress government’s conspiracy against the ancient Indian culture.
Several prominent leaders, including Subhash Bahedia, Pradesh Mahamantri Damodar Agrawal, former minister Chunnilal Garasia, Vidhayak Jabbar Singh Sankhla, District President Prashant Mevada, former Pradesh Mahila Morcha President Alka Mundra, former Vidhayak Ramlal Gurjar, former District President Ladulal Teli, and others were present at the event.
Dr Satish Poonia, the leader of the opposition in the state assembly and former state president of the BJP, launched the Change Resolution Yatra across the state to address public meetings and welcome gatherings, aiming to create a political storm in Rajasthan.
Before the event in Asind, Dr Poonia addressed a press conference and highlighted the demands of the people of Rajasthan for a reduction in VAT on diesel and petrol. He pointed out that despite the public’s repeated demands, Rajasthan has the highest VAT on fuel, leading to higher prices compared to neighbouring states.
Due to the higher VAT rates in neighbouring states, people in Rajasthan are suffering from inflation, which Dr. Poonia attributed to the Congress government’s policies.
Dr Poonia stressed the need for the state government to provide economic relief to farmers in several districts facing significant crop losses. However, instead of addressing their concerns, the Congress government is dealing with protests by Patwaris and Revenue Officials.
He also mentioned the repeated protests and demonstrations by employees, youth, and farmers due to the wrong policies of the Congress government, which have led the people of Rajasthan to consider removing them from power.
Dr Poonia highlighted the infighting within the Congress government, which has affected the state’s development and law and order. He mentioned how, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire cabinet and Congress government were inactive for 52 days, leaving the people in uncertainty.
In conclusion, Dr Poonia stated that the Change Resolution Yatra by the BJP would create a new history in Rajasthan, leading to a change in leadership and a strong BJP government. He emphasized that when Congress is out of power, it struggles to secure even 56 seats, and this time it may not even manage to get that many, as predicted by one of their ministers.

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