Sapio and Quantum to launch primary healthcare guidance centres across India

Sapio Smart Healthcare Logo

Government advisory firm Sapio Analytics and Corporate HealthCare leader Quantum CorpHealth have entered a joint venture to serve the citizens of India, through a combination of physical healthcare centres and artificial intelligence-supported virtual guidance.

The venture shall create India’s largest chain of branded primary healthcare guidance centres in every village of India, starting with 1,500 centres in phases. The centres shall create digital access for the citizens of the region to well-qualified doctors, diagnostic centres, pharmacy facilities, ambulance facilities and all other healthcare needs. “We shall be using our partners to enable formation of these centres and take the services of this venture to the masses of India. We are going to be the family doctors of all citizens who have not previously had the kind of access urban population of India gets. This way, our aim is to transform healthcare in India forever, while also using analytics to improve our services for the public,” says Hardik Somani, Director and COO, Sapio Analytics.

Sapio Analytics and Quantum CorpHealth have created and executed the concept of a smart healthcare ecosystem in India, working closely with various governments in enabling innovation across the healthcare needs of the citizens. The venture shall operate through a network of over 3,000 diagnostics/medical centres, 500 plus hospitals, with 10,000 plus medical professionals (doctors and paramedics) onboarded. Led by Dr Narendra Vankar and Dr Bhavya Vankar, Quantum has set up infrastructure across India.

“Quantum has been a pioneer in the Indian Health Care Industry for more than a decade, serving over 500 corporate clients and having served over 500,000 satisfied patients across India. With an in-depth experience of delivering health care services, even during the difficult Covid times, Quantum is well placed to deliver health care services across India. This hub and spoke model in healthcare would be a boon for the rural population which would help reduce the current disparity in the required patient-to-doctor ratio, with the help of technology and analytics,” says Dr Narendra Vankar, Founder, Quantum.

“Sapio Analytics is positioned as an artificially intelligent government support system, and we not only help shape policies of our nation but also work closely with citizens to take care of their needs while recommending the right hyperlocal policies. Sapio Smart Healthcare Division and Quantum coming together should help achieve the Prime Minister’s vision of having affordable healthcare in every part of India,” adds Somani.