Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut on Thursday took a jibe at the recent reshuffle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Cabinet stating that veteran leaders like Ravi Shankar Prasad had been removed.

“Ravi Shankar Prasad always used to boast about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s actions terming them as masterstrokes. However, this time this ‘masterstroke’ seems to have rebounded on him,” he said.

The Sena MP said that other experienced ministers like Prakash Javadekar and Thaawarchand Gehlot had to go home. “New faces have been introduced. Obviously, they would have hired on the basis of their merits,” he added.

Four BJP leaders from Maharashtra were on Wednesday inducted into the Council of Ministers. While former Maharashtra chief minister Narayan Rane was made a Union Minister, Kapil Patil, Dr Bhagwat Karad and Bharati Pawar were inducted as Ministers of State (MoS). Rane, who had been previously with the Shiv Sena and the Congress before joining the BJP, has been appointed as a Minister of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises of India.

Raut said, “Two to four ministers from Maharashtra have been inducted in the cabinet. Originally, they were members of Shiv Sena and NCP. So, we should be grateful to the BJP that such talented leaders from our party became a part of their party and they made them leaders. They will do good work and will contribute to India’s and Maharashtra’s progress,” he added.

Rane has been a vociferous critic of the Sena but Raut chose to downplay this aspect. “The position of a minister is not given to attack other parties. If this is the objective behind giving the ministerial position, then what is the dignity left behind a ministerial position? A ministerial position is given to serve the country and the citizens of the country. If Modiji had given a ministerial position to someone then he would have definitely seen the merits and the contribution of the person,” said Sanjay Raut.

On the appointment of Mansukh Mandaviya as Minister of Health and Family Affairs, the Sena MP said: “A new face of the cabinet has come forward and we welcome that”. As many as 43 leaders took oath on Wednesday in the first Union Cabinet reshuffle and expansion after Prime Minister Modi returned to power for a second term in May 2019.

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