Safe Bet: Parties opt for prudent picks in candidate selection


It is clear from the names announced by the Congress and BJP for the upcoming elections in Rajasthan that both parties have not taken any significant risks. BJP released its first list, which was successful in sending the message.

Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and her supporters have been given tickets in the second list, but the party has made it clear that she will not be under pressure.
Raje and her supporters’ tickets were already confirmed, but the party had not announced their names in the first list. This time, the BJP in Rajasthan is contesting the elections with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s face and the lotus symbol. While Congress hopes for a repetition of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his schemes. It is clear from Congress’s election rallies so far that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the main target. The rest will depend on the regional context.

In eastern Rajasthan, Congress has turned the Eastern Canal project into an issue, targeting the Centre. With the release of the first list, Congress had made it clear that it does not want to take the risk of cutting a large number of tickets for MLAs and ministers. Not only that, those who lost twice, Archana Sharma, Pushpendra Bharadwaj, and Vivek Dhakad, have been given tickets. Out of 33 in the first list, 29 MLAs were repeated. Among them were Chief Minister Gehlot, Pradesh President Govind Singh Dotasara, CP Joshi, and Sachin Pilot, all prominent leaders. In the second list, all the existing, non-controversial ministers and MLAs were given tickets. Sachin Pilot’s supporters were successful in getting ministerial tickets. Instead of the ailing Rameshwar Dudi, his family was given a ticket.

Likewise, Juber Khan has taken a ticket this time, however, last time, his wife contested the election. Former officer Niranjana Arya was successful in getting a ticket. In the first list of Congress, all major leaders and MLAs were present. It seems from the first and second lists of Congress that it is going to give party tickets to almost all but a few controversial leaders. However, Mahesh Joshi and Shanti Dhariwal seem to be in trouble.

As for the BJP, in the second list, the party has done what was certain, by giving tickets to Raje and most of her supporters. Currently, the party has tried to create an atmosphere. Compared to Congress, the names in the BJP’s list are said to be quite stable. Which party will form a government will only be clear after the election results are announced.